One Ring -online game

The Story so far

Autumn 2946 Adventure Phase: After the Dragontide celebrations in Lake-town the company met on a barge heading north up the lake. They talked with a merchant and her son before finding that the landing point’s inn had been attacked by orcs. Tracking the orcs north they find them and with two attacks kill most of them and rescue Theustal (Headman/Alderman of Grenedun).

Sending the rescued civilians off with a patrol from Dale the company pursued a giant orc that had fled with a map seized from Theustal. Catching up with him and his warg in the Long Marshes there was a fight and they recovered the map. Heading back to Lake-town the map was taken to Erebor and examined but no special signs were noted.

End of Year Fellowship Phase

Spring 2947 Adventure Phase: The company set off for the location of the tower shown on the map recovered from the orc. Getting there they find it is currently the lair of a snow troll. A fight ensues and although they kill the troll the company are severely injured. The wandering dwarven tinker, Frar, happens along after seeing their tracks. He has been soliciting Dain II for a force of dwarves to retake Greydelve over the Winter as he does every year. He is a seasoned traveller and is able to patch up Grimfast and the others so they can return to Dale with a small amount of treasure found in the lair.

Fellowship Phase Late Spring 2947

Early Summer 2947 Adventure Phase: A messenger arrives from their old acquaintance Theustal asking for help. The settlement is being visited by strangers seeking out Theustal. On arrival the company scout and find orcs in abundance. Capturing one and finding that the orcs have orders to capture Theustal they talk to Theustal but get no more information. Another scouting venture locates the leader of the orcs and his bodyguards. A careful plan to attack during the afternoon when the orcs are mostly resting and hiding from the sunlight pays off with the chief and his bodyguards killed and a letter to him seized. The letter is from one Valdis who the company later find out to be some sort of relation to the last King of Dale. They also find out her brother leads some outlaws on the Anduin side of Mirkwood.

At this point the company decides to return to Lake-town/Dale to gather more information.

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