Small, white haired, Man of the North, leader of his community


Small for a man of the north, but imposing nonetheless with weathered features that show his experience and the hardships he endured. White hair, wiry arms, that can still string and shoot a bow like a man half his age.

Theustal spent the first half of his life as a hunter in the wild, following the footsteps of his parents. He was based out of Grenedun, but only spent the coldest part of the winters there. He was a talented hunter of game, and also a deadly slayer of Orc and Goblin.

This all changed when he met his future wife. He settled down, remaining a hunter but roaming less and less. It was at this time that his reputation grew, for the men of Grenedun discovered him to be fair-spoken and wise. Soon, he became alderman of the small town, forging fast bonds of friendship with its neighbours, mediating in disputes and sitting as an impartial yet compassionate judge in the few trials.

He fathered several children, becoming the head of a great family. During his time as alderman, Grendeun prospered, and its people repaid his dutiful rule with loyalty. Theustal is a man of renown amongst the Free Folk that live north of the Mirkwood. His main concern is the well-being of Grenedun, but he cares for all good folk.


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